For incoming mail....

Set it to POP3, not IMAP. The server will be (use the domain in your email address instead of the xx's) example would be if your email was then the incoming server would be
The username will be your full email address UNLESS it's an account. If it's then the username is just the first part before the @ symbol.
Leave SSL off.
Port is 110.

For outgoing mail setup or to fix the Yahoo,AOL,Comcast issues in existing accounts, make the following changes to your mail program....

In the SMTP outgoing mail server box, change "" to ""
if you are using any email address OTHER than, you're done. Click OK, close out the settings windows and you should now be able to send to yahoo/aol/comcast.

If you are using as your email address, continue below

In windows live, there will be a "Settings" button at the bottom right. click that to get to the outgoing server settings.
in Outlook, click the "more settings" button, then in the new window click the "outgoing server" tab to get to the same settings.

In here, click on the option to "LOG ON USING", this will turn the boxes under it white.
Now enter your full email address in the USERNAME box and your email password in the password box.
Click OK at the bottom. Click Next and then Finish if you're in outlook, click OK or CLOSE if you're in windows live.
You are now done and should be able to send again.

The outgoing SMTP port settings are...

PORT 465
those are usually under the "ADVANCED" tab in windows mail programs and under outgoing server settings/advanced on Macs

If you are unsure or unable to change these yourself, give Todd a call at 775-888-6013 to have him walk you through it.

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