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I didn't really havea proper studio , I was unsure about many things then, and I hada lot of very strong emotions that needed a direction. I couldhave gone to school, but instead I met a group of young paintersfrom Germany and got swept away by the "new energy"in art . It was a great time. I found a good studio space in Amsterdamand for many months worked almost non-stop. My first big soloshow was in Galerie Jurka in Amsterdam.

"Two" housepaint, acrylic and spray


Most of my paintingsfrom that time were about the same size, 3ft by 4ft or 4ft by5ft. I used unstretched canvas or sheets stapled to the wall ,most of the time I used a layer of gesso primer. Sometimes I likedto paint straight on some strange looking blanket or sheet. Thosemonths I was painting one painting a day, more or less. I knewseveral young painters who worked like me, all the time. The paintingabove was one of the first in a style that was to last a few goodyears and transform with time. The female figure appearing sooften in my work at that time reminds me of my search for identityin a new world, with my home country, Poland, under martial law,with my personal life shattered...

"A day inParis"

My objectivewas to find answers in art and keep on painting even if the answerswere not coming, every day. Not much else was important, moneyto live and paint, fleemarket clothes, going out to clubs at night.

untitled 7

Those yearsI used cheap acrylic paint, house paint, spray cans and whateverworked.


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