My arrival to Los Angelesstarted up a new developement in my paintings, something thatled to a breakthrough in my visual perception. My vision was stillof a very European post-modern character, but my environment wasso different now. Again, like during the first years in Amsterdam,I felt a tremendous drive to paint, a found a great and cheapspace in a not so great part of town and started working on aproject that also included poems or rather only their titles.I thought of my feelings and thoughts in a form of a short title,that could later develop into a painting, a poem or a song. Aftera while I had about 67 of them. I would pick a title that inspiredat that moment an interesting vison and soon I had several acrylicpaintings, ( maybe 20"/10"). One day I started to workon a title that transcended right in front of my eyes and withmy full awareness took me onto a new level of understanding ( autobiography ).

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