About "Shen" and"Painted in the Dark"

The idea for "Shen" came to mein a shocking dream from. From that dream I learned about ancientChina in the way I never red in any book. I never studied Chineseeither and when finally I sat down to compose the story line Igave names to main characters out of my head. The heroine of thestory I called "Shen". She was to reincarnate in differentcivilizations and historical settings and living her lives withthe unexplained memories from the past lives coming back and affectingher present. She was the eye of the camera that viewed the eventstaking place in ancient China, Russia during the October Revolution,Germany before the II World War, Futuristic Totalitarian Episodeand Apocalyptic Vision of year 2500. The last part was inspiredby another very strong dream I had when I was 16. When the outlineof the script was created the term "New Age" was unknownto me and the whole subject of spiritual imagery unexplored. Sixyears after writing the synopsis and recording the storyline ona tape I finally had a chance to start writing the script. Ina library in Norfolk, Virginia I learned that the name "Shen"means in Chinese: "a spirit; a god. Spiritual, inscrutable,divine, supernatural. The soul". When I red that I couldfeel my hair raising on my head. Generally speaking this eventis very characteristic to my life and work and similar unexplainablecircumstances have been urging me on to paint, write, dance andlive a life that to others might seem bizzare. Since that dreama lot has happened but the story of "Shen" was successfullycompleted.

"Painted in the Dark" was writtenafter the executives at TriStar told me that the "Shen"story was very interesting, but they don't have the proper genreto classify it, so they wanted me to change it into "eroticthriller" or a "horror" story. I did not intendto change "Shen", but I got inspired to write a completelynew story, this time contemporary, taking place in Los Angeles.Marissa, the main character, is haunted by obscure images sheeventually paints. She does not know her paintings have psychicpowers and uncover secrets of murderous cult. She soon finds herselfin life threatening situation. She starts learning about powerof her art and...


Both scripts are available to read on line.Both are registered with WGA-West and no part can be used forany purpose without author' permission.


"Painted in the Dark"

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